aStEval: Matematical Script Parser and Evaluator (.anm)

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Basically it is a command line application with simple drawing capabilities that gets in input a mathematical script file (from your favorite text editor es. notepad++.exe) and, using the library aNuMet.dll (
a DLL for numerical calculations, Shareware, see in this site) writes the results in an output file or shows basic graphs on the screen.
For advanced users it offers additional command line options (double click on asteval.exe to see an extensive help or run asteval /w for the config form).

The zip file is provided with a complete sample script file with all the keywords and functions implemented.

It is written in PureBasic (, a very good cross platform programming language which creates very small and fast stand alone executables.

For notepad++ (notepad++) fans (like me) I've also included:
- the syntax highlighter definition file "userDefineLang.xlm" to be copied (merged if existing) in the Application Data folder (es. C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Notepad++)
- the NppExec PlugIn for notepadd++ (v 0.2.5 rel. 2) that lets you automate the launch of aStEval.exe with various command line options via menu.

Note that the aStEval.exe program has two modes: Command Line and Terminate Stay Resident (TSR). In this second mode it can accept input parameters from any source (not necessarily the original launching app)


- Just unzip in the folder you want

- run the Runme.bat file for a simple DEMO


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Next Development Waiting for comments and suggestions
22-Nov-2008First Issue (pls report any bugs to the author) InputFile.TIF