aNuMet: Array of Numerical Methods

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a DLL for numerical calculations (Replaces VBMatr.OCX discontinued).
Implements 40+ Matrix functions, including Determinant, Inverse, Division, Trasposed. Solves equation systems, calculates coefficients of polinomial curve, shows matrix elements, etc. Includes matrix and equation parser/solver/intergator with variables and trigon functions plus other functions. Written in PureBasic 4.30 (x86) (

See .pbpt and .bas files for details. Very fast code. Sample code available in Visual Basic and PureBasic. NOW FREEWARE
. See Readme.txt files.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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Next Development - Implementation of FFT function
- More statistic functions (StdDev, p-value, normality test)
- Integration with Runge Kutta 4th Order Method (RK4)
- Some minor conversion functions
18-Mar-2009Major Revision:
- Added Symbolic Differentiation [i.e f(x) = sin(2*x^3) + ln(x) => f'(x) = cos(2*x^3)*(6*x^2) + 1/x]
  (see files Derive.pbpt for PB and Derive.bas for VB)
  Sample codes in PB and VB included in the zip file.
- Modified some error messages
22-Nov-2008Minor Revision
- to adapt the DLL to be used with aStEval program (Text Editor PlugIn for
Math Expression Evaluation).
See relevant page in this web site
No Pictures
16-Aug-2008 Main changes:
- Improved stability and speed of some functions
- Added DLLRegister.exe for TRIAL VERSION registration.
- Demo: Increased number of examples in VB 5/6 and PureBasic 4.20
VB Demo Picture JPG
VB Demo Picture TIF
aNuMet_v020 3-Aug-2008 Minor revision (Discontinued)
aNuMet_v000 21-Jun-2008 First issue (Discontinued)