anmCalc: a calculator of complex math formulas

It calculates and plots expressions, polynomials, integrals, matrices, derivatives, with a simple script language.
It incorporates the math library aNuMet.dll (Array of Numerical Methods) a dll for numerical calculations, implementing 40+ math and matrix functions.
Source code (poorly written and commented but not complex) for the tool and the parsing of the scripting language is provided.
Feel free to use and modify it at your wish.

Additional vb and purebasic prototype files (.bas and .pbpt) are included to call aNuMet.dll functions (included) from within vb and purebasic.

Dll link

Written in PureBasic 4.31 (x86) - (see

This program is FREEWARE. Necessary Disclaimer: use at your own risk.

The zip file is provided with a complete sample script file with all the keywords and functions supported.


- Just explode the file in the any folder and run anmCalc.exe.

- Just remove the folder.

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Next Development Waiting for comments and suggestions

30-Jul-2009First Issue (pls report any bugs to the author)

Don't see the picture: use this link ... anm Calculator Picture