This is a list of my favorites internet pages and downlaods. Click on them for more info (Yes, I agree; I can do more...).
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A programming language I like very much. It is similar to the basic language but allows much more (es. built in Assembler code, standalone executable, DLLs, multiplatform, etc). Taken from the site "PureBasic is a programming language based on established BASIC rules. The key features of PureBasic are portability (Windows, AmigaOS and Linux are currently fully supported), the production of very fast and highly optimized executables and, of course, the very simple BASIC syntax"
Send To PowerToy
Donwload link for the free SendTo PowerToy tool.
TweakUi Powertoy Setup
Donwload link for the free TweakUi Powertoy tool (directly from Microsoft Site).
API Guide
Download link for the good API Guide tool.
API Viewer
Download link for the good API Viewer tool.
This is the official homepage of KeePass, the free, open-source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager.
Your guide to the Web since 1995 (free and not sw from the web)


From the author's home page: "Everything is connected to everything else." A huge collection of web links of every kind and subject (impressive)
Top 100 Network Security Tools (wanderfull with fair comments on every program listed)
Abaco OnLine
New Abaco: Informatica consapevole: Huge List (800+) of Open Source Software (List in Italian)
Collaborative RCE Tool Library
New The advantage of the collaborative nature of the library is of course that if lots of people submit information about their personal favorite tools (and maybe even update these entries when they hear about important updates for them), everyone else will also be able to benefit greatly from this information when they come here looking for good tools for any purpose.
Source Forge

Most famous Open Souce code repository. SourceForge is a location to download and develop free open source software

thefreecountry.com's collection of free programming resources, free webmasters' resources, free security resources and free utilities

Your guide to the Web since 1995. Comes with a list of softwares created by themself.

Site entirely in Italian. Programmi Web online, Guide, Confronti, Sicurezza in Rete, Spiegazioni e trucchi, Recensioni programmi,  Confronto tariffe ADSL
Jacquelin Potier free software

Very good free stuffs. Home of the incredible WinAPIOverride32 free tool.

Delphi super page
The Code Project

26,122 (on oct-2009) free Software development and Design articles, code snippets, discussions, and news - all provided free by the best bunch of developers on the net.
Mauro Rossi VB Site

Full of sample code and links to VB sites, that can be easily translated in PureBasic (in Italian)

Hooking to the max...
Planet Source Code

Planet Source Code. The largest public source code database on the Internet with 13,535,495 lines of code, articles and tutorials in 11 languages,as well as 1,972 open job postings  (BY NOW)


IntelŪ 64 and IA-32 Architectures Optimization Reference Manual

Application fine tuning (and understanding)
Application Perf Measurement

Very interesting article on the subject
Intel CPU Architecture

Intel (do you know?) manuals on Intel 64 & IA 32 (ASM code, etc)
Intel Pentium

Survey of PentiumŪ Processor Performance Monitoring Capabilities & Tools (pdf)


Beppe Grillo
The most famous and visited Italian site (he is a comic, but not so much). Simply Unique. Available in Italian, English and Japanes
Space Telescope
Wonderful free pictures of space from the Space Telescope.
VB like languages...

Where I knew about PureBasic (looking for a programming language to compiler dll's)
The Rest of the Story of Textfiles (great collection of Text files documentation on many things SW related)